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Region 3 SNAP-Ed Friday Update for 06/14/2019


Hello SNAP-Ed Friends,

Lots of updates this week, so just going to jump right in!

*Reminder* Important Dates – Mark Your Calendars!

  • FY2020 Plan and Budget updates DUE to IA: June 21 (see March 22 update for details)
  • Quarter 3 data DUE in PEARS: July 8
  • Quarter 3 Report, PLUS estimate of FFY19 unspent funds, DUE to IA: July 12
  • Region 3 Management Evaluation with DSHS: Aug 6-8
  • Statewide SNAP-Ed Forum: September 24-26th, Wenatchee


*NEW* SNAP-Ed Statewide Forum: Register by August 9th!

2019 Washington State SNAP-Ed Forum Registration is Open

Please register for the 2019 SNAP-Ed Forum. You must register to attend!  Please follow these steps to register:

  1. Look at the attached document: R3 Rooming List_FFY19 SNAPEdForum for a reminder of who is attending the forum from your program, and which nights DSHS has booked a hotel room for each person.
  2. Register for the Forum here:
  3. Register for any colleagues who may be out of the office: If you have a colleague who will be attending, but is out of the office until after August 9, please register for them!

*Please note: each person must register no later than August 9, 2019.


*NEW* Quarter 3 Report and Estimate of Unspent Funds, Due to IA: July 12

Please use your FFY2019 customized quarterly report template to complete your 3rd Quarter SNAP-Ed report.  When you submit your quarterly report to Lee Anne & Acacia, please also include in your email, an estimate of the amount of unspent funds you expect to have remaining as of September 30, 2019. We are required to provide this estimate to DSHS each year around this time.


*NEW* Curriculum & Training 

New email address for the Curriculum, Training and Website (CTW) Team

Your CTW Team has a new shared email address.  If you need to get in touch with them, you can now email them at:

All members of the CTW Team have access to this address and they hope it will help them respond to your questions as quickly as possible.


*NEW* Evaluation Q&A

Question: Do I have to enter each session of direct education in my program activity?

Answer:  Yes, all program activities should include each session date and its length. PEARS users may need to re-open “completed” program activities to ensure that each session date has been included.  Session dates and length help us learn about how dosage and curriculum affect program outcomes. Number of sessions and session length are also used for federal reporting.


*NEW* Recorded Webinars: Fight Bac! Clean Summit

This is a two-part CLEAN webinar series for health and food safety educators. Part 1 highlights handwashing, kitchen & bath towels. Part 2 highlights Surface cleaning & sanitizing. Access the webinars here:


 *NEW* Webinar: Smarter Lunchroom Strategies for Your Home – Meals & Snacks

Join Adam Brumberg and Erin Sharp, Deputy Director and Curriculum Designer of the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement National Office, as they share easy, inexpensive behavioral economics strategies to use in your home. In the summer, many kids spend more time at home since school is out, so use these kid-friendly strategies to promote healthy eating during mealtimes and snacktimes.  Register at:


*NEW* Job Announcements

Office of Nutrition Services at Washington State Department of Health, working with SNAP-Ed in the Prevention and Community Health division. Located in Tumwater, WA.  Closing: June 25, 2019. Click: Nutrition Science and Active Living (SNAP-ED) – HSC 2 – Non-Permanent – DOH4534


Happy Friday!

Acacia & Lee Anne