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Grazin’ with Marty Moose

Grazin’ with Marty Moose

Introduction to the Curriculum


Grazin’ with Marty Moose is an emerging curricula. Local SNAP-Ed providers who want to use these materials must coordinate with the Curriculum and Evaluation Teams for Washington State SNAP-Ed.

Please contact Maggie Grate at for the curricula and information on implementation.

Curriculum Overview

Below are links to the curriculum overview and guide for implementation and evaluation for Grazin’ with Marty Moose.

Curriculum Trainings

Live (upcoming)

[event short code]

Recorded Webinar

Lesson Assessment Tools

Teacher Evaluation Tool

You may download and print the teacher evaluation tool here.  You may also get copies of the tool from Nora Downs. Contact Nora Downs at

Student Evaluation Tool

The student evaluation tool for Marty Moose is Eat Well and Move! K-2 student evaluation.  For information about this tool contact Nora Downs at or your IA.

Additional Resources & Downloads

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