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2021 WA SNAP-Ed Statewide Forum Re-Cap

2021 WA SNAP-Ed Statewide Forum Re-Cap

Transforming How We Set the Table:

Commitment to Equity, Community-Driven Collaboration, and Justice

August 17-19, 2021


Recap & Resources

The 2021 Forum was held virtually and offered opportunities for WA SNAP-Ed providers to learn about current and emerging programming, seek new ways of serving communities, and connect with SNAP-Ed providers across the state.

Each day consisted of main group sessions to advance our collective understanding of the conference theme and its role in our work for all attendees and breakout sessions that offered a deeper dive into specific topics. The breakout sessions were organized around our five statewide interventions. Attendees were able to select breakout session based on their interest and what work they are doing in their local community.

Recordings and resources from the forum are available, but have unfortunately been moved. CTW is working on re-adding them to the SNAP-Ed website. Feel free to contact us if there is a session you are specifically looking for. Please note:  we were not able to record the session with Professor Edwin Lindo.

Graphic illustrations done during the forum are available and links to the sessions that were illustrated can be found below.

Graphic Illustrations

Yen Azzaro, an activist artist, illustrator and graphic recorder created graphic illustrations of the three day forum. They were shared during the closing session and depict the discussion and presentations that took place.  Below are links to her work.

Day One

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Calling In vs. Calling Out

Community Connections and Connectors

Day Two

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Indigenous Food Sovereignty and the Dietary Guidelines

What's on the Horizon for Direct Education?

Critical Conversations

Day Three

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Update on DSHS Programming

CSO 101: A Day in the Life

Three Day Forum Graphic Illustration

Your 2021 Forum Planning Group

Planning for the 2021 WA SNAP-Ed Forum started in January with SNAP-Ed colleagues working hard to plan a conference that is relevant for today’s WA SNAP-Ed program.  Here are the people serving on two committees, one for main session speakers and one for breakout sessions

Main Session Speaker Committee:

Candida Goza-WSU King County

Ulysses Martin-Tacoma Pierce County Health Department

Christine Ciancetta-DOH IA

Jen Moss-Region 3 IA

Courtney Schupp-CTW

Maggie Grate-CTW

Angela Amico-DSHS

Breakout Session Committee:

Linda Mathews-WSU Pierce County

Anne Cherise Jensen-Tulalip Tribes

Julie Bongard-SRHD IA

Mayra Licea-OIC

Julie Evenson-WSU Kitsap County

Rachel Muia-United General

Nicole McNamara-Kitsap Public Health

Terry Perry-CTW

Mariah Brown-Pounds-Region 3

Amber Noskoff-WSU Whatcom County

Angela Amico-DSHS

Maggie Grate-CTW

Looking Ahead to the 2022 WA SNAP-Ed Forum

If you would like to serve on a planning committee for the 2022 statewide forum, please contact your IA.  Your input is welcome!