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FYI Communications 6.24.19


  • July 2: Monthly coordinator call. Register here
  • July 11: Quarter 3 Progress report to DOH. Upload Quarter Report to individual SNAP-Ed SharePoint page.
  • July 11: Complete PEARS reporting in all PEARS modules for Quarter 3 (April-June)
  • July 30: Pre/post surveys for June direct education (DE) series received by DOH. Please send these as early as you can after you complete the class series.
  • Aug 6: Monthly coordinator call. Register here



Thank you for sending in your FY20 project details workbooks and budgets and updating your FY20 contact information. Your regional leads will be reaching out to you periodically to talk about your FY20 program plan and budget so we can finalize them and submit details to DSHS by July 31.

Any questions or issues you have about updating your FY20 workbook, budget, or contact information (including any SharePoint troubleshooting) – please contact your regional lead (contract manager).



Nikki Eller, SNAP-Ed Regional Evaluation Specialist, is hosting more webinars on how to pull and use PEARS data. Next webinar – Tues. June 25th , 10:30-11:30am

Register here:

A mid-year SNAPshot has been posted on the website. Mid-year regional and local data is available upon request. Mid-year data may have small numbers so should only be used for program planning purposes. Local SNAP-Ed agencies may submit an evaluation request form to request mid-year data.

Survey validation for the new FY20 SNAP-Ed participant surveys are still ongoing. Most recently, the statewide SNAP-Ed Evaluation Team


Q: If there are multiple PSE projects going on at a site and they reach different audiences, how do I report them?

A: If the PSE approaches are different projects with different stakeholders and site contacts, enter them as unique PSE site activities in PEARS. If the PSE approaches are distinct pieces of PSE project, report them within the same PSE site activity and note the intended audience for each strategy in the comments box on the “General Information” page of the PSE Module.



Your CTW Team has a new shared email address. All members of the CTW Team have access to this address and it will help them respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

Please turn in your 4th quarter teaching calendars (due June 7th) if you haven’t already done so. If you don’t have any direct education series planned or schedule for Q4 (July – Sept), you may email the CTW team at to let them know your organization has no classes scheduled in Q4. Thank you for your attention!

Have ideas for a PSE Friday Forum in FY20? CTW team wants your input! You can send the CTW Team your topic ideas and suggestions through July 15 using this online survey: Please take a few minutes to complete this survey so the CTW team can address your needs, wants, and suggestions as they create our statewide PSE training plan.



Nikki Eller, SNAP-Ed Regional Evaluation Specialist, is hosting more webinars on how to pull and use PEARS data.

2019 Washington State SNAP-Ed Forum Registration is Open

Please register for the 2019 SNAP-Ed Forum.  You will find a link to registration and information about the Forum here:


CDC Strategies to prevent & manage obesity 

Links and suggestions for state and local organizations to create an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle, including community efforts.





WIC Cards project moves from pilot toward statewide rollout

WIC agencies in Kitsap County began piloting WIC Cards for participants on March 4. On May 24, the pilot officially ended, with excellent lessons learned and DOH in a much stronger position to roll WIC Cards out statewide this summer and fall. State rollout of WIC Cards begins in the northeast region later this summer, and will finish statewide conversion of WIC from paper checks to WIC Cards by fall. This change will make it easier for our customers to buy the foods they need when they want to, and will make their shopping experience more like other ways of paying for food at the store.