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Lewis County Public Health and Social Services

Lewis County Public Health and Social Services

Implementing Agency (IA)

Department of Health

Key Contacts

Christine Ciancetta
IA co-Lead
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Lewis County Public Health and Social Services SNAP Ed Program

About Us

Lewis County Public Health & Social Services’ (LCPHSS) mission is “to encourage local, regional, state and national relationships and opportunities to protect, promote and improve the health of our community,” and their vision is “A Safe, Healthy and Thriving Lewis County.”  Its mission and vision mirror that of Washington State Department of Health’s SNAP-Ed program, “to improve health equity through interventions that support healthy behaviors and increase of food security.” LCPHSS want its residents to have access to healthy foods and healthy lifestyle choices in order to meet their wellness goals. By promoting access to healthy foods through the proposed Farmers Market Nutrition Program and Breastfeeding Coalition projects, LCPHSS are informing residents of options they may not have known they had access to and methods for maximizing resources. LCPHSS are helping to reduce barriers in making the healthy choice the easy choice where people live, work, and shop through these interventions.

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Lewis County Public Health and Social Services

Meet our Team!

Lewis County Health Dept
Melissa Ross

Contact Us

Melissa Ross,

Current Programming

Direct Education

  • N/A


  • Farmers market: Senior FMNP and WIC redemption
  • Breastfeeding coalition: breastfeeding friendly hospital, community partnerships, workplace support

Community Partners

  • Farmers markets and vendors
  • Residential managers at housing sites
  • Lewis County Breastfeeding Coalition (La Leche League, WIC, Molina, In-Tot Developmental Center, Head Start, ABC Dental, Possibilities, and 1-3 medical providers)