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Cooking Matters (CM)

Cooking Matters (CM)

Introduction to the Curriculum

Cooking Matters (CM) is a series of 6 consecutive lessons that teach low-income adults, families, parents, kids, or teens to “shop smarter,” make healthier food choices using nutrition information, and cook affordable meals.

Cooking Matters class series are based on key messages.  They are:

  • My Plate
  • Choose whole grains as often as you can
  • Eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.
  • Choosing lower fat options
  • Choose drinks with less sugar or make your own.
  • Make your own healthy snacks at home.

  • Choose lean and low-fat proteins
  • Reducing sodium consumption by using spices
  • The importance of eating breakfast every day
  • Exercise
  • Food Safety

SNAP-Ed providers who want to teach the Cooking Matters Series Classes should contact Solid Ground at

Resources have been developed to help educators plan programming using Cooking Matters Series in their communities.  An overview is available and lesson assessment tools have been developed for all lessons and can be found here:


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