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Food Smarts Youth for Virtual Education

Food Smarts Youth for Virtual Education

Introduction to the Curriculum

This series provides youth a safe and fun environment to learn about nutrition and physical activity and how it relates to their lives.

Food Smarts for Youth topics include:

  • SMART Goals and Vision Boards
  • Healthy Food Choices
  • Cooking Skills
  • How to Shop on a Budget
  • Physical Activity, Nutrition and Our Relationship to Food

These classes support the development of youth prepared to take control of their diet and health choices.

This series of online classes has been approved to teach youth, online, grades 4-12*. The series is to be taught using the “live” method of VE delivery. This means that SNAP-Ed educators deliver virtual lessons to students during class time. This is the closest method to traditional, face-to face education that requires the least preparation and technical skills.  Live lessons allow for the most interaction with students through facilitated dialogue and other techniques.

*Food Smarts Adult series may be used for older youth.  CTW strongly encourages Around the Table as a series of classes for older youth.

Resources developed for online use created by the WA SNAP-Ed Food Smarts Youth Virtual Education Workgroup.  Members include:

  • Amanda Liberty (Lead)-WSU Spokane County Extension
  • Courtney Pinter-Multicare
  • Melissa Davis-WSU Thurston County Extension
  • Kyle Lee-WSU Pierce County Extension
  • Sandra Valencia-Yakima Neighborhood Health Services
  • Mattie Sobotka-CTW


Your Evaluation Team has developed online survey tools that should be used when teaching virtual education classes.  Online SNAP Happy surveys are available in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Do not distribute paper surveys to community partners or participants when conducting classes online. Links to the pre and post surveys are provided below.  They are also in the first and last lessons of the virtual education series.

Evaluation Guidance

Please review FFY21 guidance documents for WA SNAP-Ed evaluation before starting virtual education.  Click on the link below and scroll to General Guidance:


Food Smarts for Youth uses the Youth SNAP Happy Survey Tools. Please select for the grade you are teaching.


Curriculum Trainings

Live (upcoming)

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Recorded Webinar


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Additional Resources

The Community Partner Workgroup created a promotional flyer that can be used to communicate with community partners about Food Smarts for Youth for Virtual Education. Insert your agency information for use in your community: