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Friday Forums

Friday Forums


Policy, systems and environmental change is a way of modifying the environment to make healthy choices practical and available to all community members. By changing laws and shaping physical landscapes, a big impact can be made with little time and resources. By changing policies, systems and/or environments, communities can help tackle health issues like obesity, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases.

The CTW Team is excited to share a series of interactive video conference calls to discuss successes and challenges with PSE work. Many of you have let us know you want to hear from other SNAP-Ed LIAs about PSE strategies being used in local communities. These calls will provide a place where we can all meet, ask questions and continue to build the very best SNAP-Ed program possible.  You can join any or all the calls via your computer or telephone.

Friday Forums

Below is the list of topics, dates and conference links for the calls.  We would love to hear from you if you have topics to add. Send us an email to: SNAP-Ed CTW Team and let us know what you want to talk about on a Friday Forum call.

We know folks on the calls will have a wealth of information to share and we look forward to learning from educators across the state.

All calls start at 9:30 am. There is one link for all FFY23 Friday Forums.

Save these Dates!

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Dates and Topics

  • October 14, 2022: CTW Tour Through the Two WA SNAP-Ed Websites
  • November 18, 2022: Basic Food Basics
  • December 9, 2022: Nutrient Density Calculations
  • January 14, 2023: Advocacy Update and Preparing for Hunger Action Day
  • February 10, 2023: Meaningful Movement for Communities and Families
  • March 10, 2023: Artful Facilitation of Group Discussions
  • April 14, 2023: USDA Resources
  • May 12, 2023: Foster Care Resources
  • June 9, 2023: Recipe Demo Basics
  • July 14, 2023: Leveraging Community Resources
  • August 11, 2023: Working With Aging Populations
  • September 8, 2023: TBD

Friday Forum Calls FFY 2023

Here are the recordings and attachments from calls held in FFY 2023

CTW Tour Through the Two WA SNAP-Ed Websites

The CTW team drives a tour through both the WA SNAP-Ed Providers site and Live Well site. Important pieces of each page are pointed out and resources are showcased. CTW will continue to make improvements of both websites to make them more accessible and user-friendly.

Note: This Friday Forum was originally scheduled for 10/14/22 and was rescheduled.

Basic Food Basics

Teams from DSHS and Within Reach explain what is and is not allowable within SNAP-Ed as it related to applying for SNAP benefits. Josh, Tara, and Benito share what it means to do SNAP outreach and how SNAP-Ed can partner and coordinate with other agencies doing SNAP outreach.

Food Meal Equivalency Training

Nils Johnson from Rural Resources describes and demonstrates an innovative way to measure food in high volume settings, such as food banks. Rather than taking pure weight of food items, this new tool assesses items by a nutrient score.

Here is the recording:

Here are the PowerPoint slides (containing additional slides that Nils did not present):

Hunger Policy Update

Join Claire Lane and Christina Wong as they share an update on statewide and federal policy issues that impact SNAP-Ed participants.

Here is the recording:

Here are the PowerPoint slides:

WA SNAP-Ed Needs Assessment

The WA SNAP-Ed Evaluation Team provided great information about the WA SNAP-Ed Statewide Needs Assessment process and results!

Here is the Recording:

Jamboard from the presentation:

Presentation Slides:

Feedback Poll:


USDA Resources for SNAP-Ed Participants

The CTW team highlights some USDA programs that the SNAP-eligible audience may also qualify for, in addition to SNAP-Ed. A lively Q&A session followed their quick presentation.

Here is the Recording:

Presentation Slides:

Other Resources: