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Kids in the Kitchen (KIK)

Kids in the Kitchen (KIK)

Introduction to the Curriculum

The Kids in the Kitchen (KIK) curriculum teaches youth how to prepare simple, healthy foods they can make for themselves and their family members at home. They will also learn good food safety practices.

KIK is intended for use in summer and after school settings, and may be used in schools. Three levels are available, each covering a different age range:

  • Level A: ages 6-9
  • Level B: ages 10-12
  • Level C: ages 13-15

Levels A and B cover such topics as basic cooking skills, good nutrition, healthy food choices, food safety and physical activity.

Level C covers those topics found in Levels A and B as well as a lesson on planning and preparing a complete meal based on USDA’s MyPlate.

Resources have been developed to help educators plan programming using kids in the Kitchen in their communities. An overview is available and lesson assessment tools have been developed for all lessons.


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