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Teen Cuisine

Teen Cuisine

Introduction to the Curriculum

Teen Cuisine is designed to teach youth (grades 6-12) important life skills to promote optimal health. The curriculum addresses key concepts about nutrition, food preparation/cooking, food safety, and physical activity by using approaches and strategies that enhance learning and behavior change among teens.

Teen Cuisine aims to empower teens to adopt healthier lifestyles by teaching them the knowledge and skills needed to prepare nutritious snacks and meals at home.

This curriculum is designed to meet the following goals:

  • Apply MyPlate to meal and snack planning, including breakfast
  • Identify nutrient-dense foods and beverages that are low in added sugar, saturated fats, and sodium
  • Read and follow a recipe using correct cooking and measuring techniques
  • Demonstrate safe knife-handling skills
  • Prepare food safely to prevent foodborne illness
  • Use food labels to choose healthier foods and snacks
  • Understand the importance of physical activity and consider ways of incorporating it into everyday life

Resources have been developed to help educators plan programming using Teen Cuisine in their communities. An overview is available and lesson assessment tools have been developed for all lessons.

Curriculum Overview

Teen Cuisine Curriculum Overview (.pdf)

Teen Cusine Recipes


Curriculum Trainings

Lesson Assessment Tools


Additional Resources & Downloads

Lessons & Handouts


Posters & Materials

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Note: The leaders guide comes with a set of 10 student workbooks.  Providers can use these to create classroom sets of the workbooks.  Students can share the resource and complete written activities on separate paper.  This will help cut down on program expense.

Recipes used in Teen Cuisine are all posted on this page (scroll above).  We hope providers will make recipes available to participants to take home.