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Training Essentials Live, Recordings, Tools, Guidance, and Process

Training Essentials

Training Essentials

This page contains any and all trainings the CTW team considers to be essential to a SNAP-Ed role. Whatever setting you are working in, whether with PSE work or Direct Education or both, the several trainings below set the foundation for SNAP-Ed work in the state of Washington.

If you have suggestions for upcoming training, please get in touch with us.  Simply send us a message at:

Systems Approaches for Healthy Communities

PSE Training: A Systems Approach

It is the expectation of DSHS that anyone involved with the Washington State SNAP-Ed program will register and complete all five modules of the Systems Approaches program. Please register and complete all modules if you have not already done so.
Systems Approaches for Healthy Communities is a web-based, professional development program promoting the integration of policy, systems, and environmental interventions with educational strategies.

The program is designed to help all of us better understand:

  • Skills to expand our program across many level to impact policies, systems, and environments.
  • Strategies and tools for strengthening engagement, communicating with partners, and understanding community context.

For more details on the program content, including learning objectives, download the Systems Approaches for Healthy Communities program summary (.pdf).

Login (Returning Users)

Login for Systems Approaches Modules
After signing in, users will be automatically directed to the module dashboard.

Registration (New Users)

Register for the Systems Approaches to Healthy Communities program
To register for the course:

  1. Visit the Registration page and ensure “Organizational participants register for the program” (towards the bottom of the page) is selected.
  2. Download the Step by Step Instructions (.pdf) and then click the maroon “Register as a Participant” link.
  3. After creating an account, you will be able to go to site and use your new account information to access the course site.

Complete the modules at your convenience using the green button on the website that says Login For Systems Approaches Modules.

Trauma Informed Basics and the Relationship to Nourishment

Trauma Informed Basics

This 90-minute interactive webinar will introduce how trauma and adversity impact nutritional health, eating habits, and our relationship to food. Learn about the research and frameworks behind our model for Trauma-Informed Nutrition Security. WA SNAP-Ed providers should use the coupon code WASHINGTON when registering for this webinar. There is no charge for the webinar when you use the code.

National Nutrition Certification Program

The National Nutrition Certification Program (NNCP) was created to increase nutrition knowledge and teaching skills of nutrition educators. It is designed for those who teach nutrition education to the public.

National Nutrition Certification Program

Inequities, Health, and Academic Success

Introduction slide that reads "Inequities, Health, and Academic Success" from Washington State SNAP-Ed

Inequities, Health, and Academic Success

This webinar sets the foundation for how health inequities impact student learning. It also briefly discusses how SNAP-Ed providers can respond appropriately to create an equitable environment.

Health and Intellectual Disability 101

We are excited to share that Special Olympics Washington (SOWA) hosted a Health and Intellectual Disability 101 training for WA SNAP-Ed. In the training, you will learn about the background, history, and health disparities of people with intellectual disabilities. You will also learn about the benefits to including people with intellectual disabilities in your work and best practices for accessibility and inclusion. Along with learning, the goal of the training is for you to identify opportunities and action steps for inclusion that you can take to apply your learning to your work.

Slides and Additional Resources

Health and Intellectual Disabilities 101

Success Stories Writing Training

This three part training will focus on writing WA SNAP-Ed success stories, how to best document your work and how to share your success with partners.  Sessions will be led by WSU CAHNRS Communication Staff, the WA SNAP-Ed Evaluation Team and the CTW Team.


Workshop 1: Best Practice in Writing Success Stories

Workshop 2: Document Your Success In PEARS

PEARS Trainings

The statewide Evaluation Team conducted live training for several PEARS modules in FFY22. Additional information can be found on the Evaluation page.


PEARS Training: Direct Education and Indirect Activities

PEARS Training: Partnerships and Coalitions

PEARS Training: PSE
  • Training was on May 18 & 26, 2022; recording will be shared shortly.