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Training for PSE Live, Recordings, Tools, Guidance, and Process

Training for PSE

Training for PSE

On this page, you’ll find trainings that may help your PSE programming. Some of these trainings may also be relevant toward other work you are doing in SNAP-Ed. Ideally, there is plenty of crossover without duplication of effort among your PSE, direct education, and health promotion work. If you have questions about or suggestions for upcoming training, please get in touch with us. Simply send us a message at:

Foundational PSE Training: Systems Approaches for Healthy Communtities

Washington SNAP-Ed encourages all program implementers to incorporate PSE into the work they do in their communities.

Systems Approaches for Healthy Communities is a web-based, professional development program available to all staff involved in the Washington State SNAP-Ed program. It promotes the integration of policy, systems, and environmental interventions with educational strategies.

The program is designed to help all of us better understand:

  • Basic terminology related to PSE work.
  • Examples of systems-thinking including the Social-Ecological Model, Spectrum of Prevention and PSE concepts.
  • Skills to expand our program across many level to impact policies, systems, and environments.
  • Strategies and tools for strengthening engagement, communicating with partners, and understanding community context.

For more details on the program content, including learning objectives, download the Systems Approaches for Healthy Communities program summary (.pdf).

It is the expectation of DSHS that anyone involved with the Washington State SNAP-Ed program will register and complete all five modules of the Systems Approaches program. Please register and complete all modules if you have not already done so.

Login (Returning Users)

Login for Systems Approaches Modules
After signing in, users will be automatically directed to the module dashboard.

Registration (New Users)

Register for the Systems Approaches to Healthy Communities program

Steps from Registration Guide:

To register for the course:

  1. Download the Organizational Participant Step by Step Instructions (.pdf) and then click on the maroon “Register as a Participant” button.
  2. Click on the blue box above to register.
  3. Follow the instructions in the pdf above to create an account, which you will use to log in to the course site.
  4. After creating an account, you will be able to go to site and use your new account information to access the course site. Please note: Login using the green button on the website that says Login For Systems Approaches Modules. 

Once you have completed the registration and have logged into the course site, you may begin completing the modules at your convenience.

Bonus Systems Approaches Materials

During the fall of FFY19, training was held in Kennewick and Richland to expand on the web based Systems Approaches to Healthy Communities modules.  Here are links to presentation documents and handouts from the two-day training.

Workshops & Trainings with CTW

PSE Workshops

PowerPoint Slide that reads: PSE Explosion Day 1 Introducing the PSE Evaluation Toolkit
Four PSE Workshops occurred throughout 2021 with focus on the following topics:

  • Workshop 1 – The New PSE Evaluation Toolkit
  • Workshop 2 – Working with Coalitions and Networks
  • Workshop 3 – Changing Organizational Practices
  • Workshop 4 – Influencing Policy and Legislation

Workshop 3: Changing Organizational Practices

Workshop 3 Recording

Workshop 3 Chat Record

Workshop 3 Handout Packet

Workshop 4: Influencing Policy and Legislation

Workshop 4 Recording

Workshop 4 Chat Record

Workshop 4 Handout Packet

Virtual Education & Connections to PSE

This training took place November 18th and 19th 2020. Come explore the bright new world of Virtual Education in Washington SNAP-Ed during day one of the training. Then in day two, segue into policies, systems, and environments and their relationship to direct education and SNAP-Ed programming.


VE & PSE Training Agenda 






Recorded Webinars

Inequities, Health, and Academic Success

Introduction slide that reads "Inequities, Health, and Academic Success" from Washington State SNAP-Ed

Inequities, Health, and Academic Success

This webinar sets the foundation for how health inequities impact student learning. It also briefly discusses how SNAP-Ed providers can respond appropriately to create an equitable environment.

New Nutrition Facts Label

New Nutrition Facts Label Webinar by Washington State SNAP-Ed.

New Nutrition Facts Label

The new labels reflect updated scientific information and is more realistic about what people eat today.

Food Safety in the Washington State SNAP-Ed Program

Food Safety in the Washington State SNAP-Ed Program

A webinar created to help all involved in food preparation for the Washington State SNAP-Ed program understand the responsibilities we all have in serving food to the public.

Guidance and Process

Several documents have been created to help guide the Washington State SNAP-Ed program.  Please see links below for specific information. Be sure to contact us if you have questions or need additional information.

WA State SNAP-Ed Social Media Guidelines 8.30.21. This document provides guidance about the use of social media in the WA SNAP-Ed program.

This document provides guidance for recipe selection in the SNAP-Ed program.

Guidance for Allowable Garden Expenses in the SNAP-Ed Program (.pdf)
This document outlines expenses for gardening that are allowed in the SNAP-Ed program.