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Evaluation Trainings Trainings Videos, Slides, and Links

Evaluation Trainings

Training Videos & Links

Hand holding phone playing YouTube videoThe Washington SNAP-Ed Statewide Evaluation team created training videos for most topics in the SNAP-Ed Evaluation guidance, including each evaluation tool and PEARS module.

Evaluation tool trainings cover evaluation background, proctoring instructions, and common participant questions.

PEARS module trainings cover why we use each module, and walk you through how to enter activities step by step.

General Evaluation Training Videos

PSE Evaluation Training Videos

  • PSE Evaluation Toolkit

Links and handout packets to the individual workshops listed below in the On-Line and Recorded Training section of the SNAP-Ed Training page:

Workshop 1: The New PSE Evaluation Toolkit

Workshop 2: Building Your Networks and Coalitions

Workshop 3: Changing Organizational Practices

Workshop 4: Influencing Policy and Legislation

Live Evaluation Trainings

PEARS Training: Direct Education and Indirect Activities
PEARS Training: Partnerships, Coalition, and the PRA Tool

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