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Recruitment and Marketing

Recruitment and Marketing

Community Marketing Tools

Washington State SNAP-Ed providers use flyers to promote classes and events. We have developed templates people can adapt and customize to fit your community needs. If your program has a flyer or tool that you use for recruitment and marketing, please send them to your curriculum team.  We will post them here to share with others.


Providers need to insert the appropriate accommodation statement.

Flyer Templates

Below are a variety of templates that can be used for recruitment and marketing of SNAP-Ed classes.  Please make sure you insert any disclaimer statements your agency requires.  We have included the statement for SNAP-Ed.

Free Class Flyers

We have made a series of flyers that can be used to recruit for SNAP-Ed classes.  All can be customized and each has a different feature photo. Scroll down to see them all.  Links to the files are provided in two sizes, 8.5′ x 11′ and 11′ x 17.

Farmers Market

There are two versions of a flyer that can be used to market events at a farmers market.  You can add and edit your text on both versions. Version 1 shows a couple selecting produce at a market.  Version 11 shows a farmers market.

Come Join Us!

This is a simple flyer inviting people to a single event.  You can customize for when, where and time. You can also change the description of what will be taught.

Stock Photos

Sometimes you might want a photo for events that are happening in your community.  Here is a link to photos that USDA provides for free.  You can download and use any of these.