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Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

New! Order FREE Recipe Booklets from Leah’s Pantry

DSHS purchased recipe booklets from Leah’s Pantry that WA SNAP-Ed providers can use as incentive items. There is no charge to your local program.  CTW staff will get them to you and the order form is below.

This booklet is a collection of 41 favorite recipes from Food Smarts workshops and the website. Most are simple one pot/pan/bowl dishes that don’t require a lot of equipment. Many can be prepared without a full kitchen. You can also cut the recipe in half to make it for fewer people, or double it for a larger group.

This is intended to support Leah’s Pantry’s curricula and programs, including Food Smarts, the Nutrition Pantry Program, and Around the Table. However, they can be used alongside other WA SNAP-Ed programming. Please fill out the form below to let CTW know how many booklets you would like and where they should be sent. Each LIA can order up to 25 at a time.

*Please note this order form is only for WA SNAP-Ed LIAs.*

Leah's Pantry Recipe Booklet Order Form

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Activity Sticks


Make Your Own!

Activity Sticks are a great brain break activity that gets people moving! Just make a quick set yourself and use them anytime you need to move.


You can order a set of activity sets by using the order form below:

New Nutrition Facts Label

The FDA has made changes to the Nutrition Facts Label. This is already in place, but it may still be unfamiliar to some people.

Below are resources you can use to help participants better understand the new label:

High Speed Hand Washing Resources

SNAP-Ed educators often teach participants about the healthy habit of proper hand-washing.  Here are some resources shared from WSU Mason County that may help you more easily incorporate this valuable skill into your lessons.