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2023 WA SNAP-Ed Statewide Forum Re-Cap

2023 WA SNAP-Ed Statewide Forum Re-Cap

Moving Forward: Coming Together to Plan with Purpose

April 11-13, 2023

Spokane, WA

Thank you so much for your attendance and participation! We would appreciate hearing some feedback from you based on your experience. Click the blue box below to let us know how the Forum was for you.

Forum Agenda

This year’s forum consisted of keynote speakers, updates from DSHS, as well as breakout sessions. Breakouts were a mix of workshop-style sessions to help with three-year planning as well as speaker-centered sessions where folks shared stories and/or work they’ve done related to SNAP-Ed.

Click below to download the agenda as a PDF.

Recordings and Resources

Day 1: April 11, 2023

Day 2: April 12, 2023

Learning Presenters

Changing Family Trees Through Physical Activity (Sandy Zimmerman)
Traditional Food Access and Cultural Connection (Jennifer Martin)
How to Reach People with Low-Incomes on Social Media (Kym Schmauss)
Grassroots Mental Health Support (Marie Marchand)
Everybody’s Hungry – Everybody’s Poor (Stephanie Haag)

Planning Workshops

Food Banks/Pantries
  • Danielle Carson (WSU Clallam County) –Slides
  • Dana Cordy (Washington Food Coalition) –Slides
  • Sandy Centeno & Elizabeth Kimball (Public Health – Seattle & King County) –Slides
  • Jeff Mathias & Patrick Merscher (WSDA Food Assistance)
Procurement/Food Access
  • Kendra Dean (NEW ESD 101) –Slides
  • Rey Cooley (FIG Farm to ECE)
  • Adele Eslinger (United General District 304) –Slides
  • Annette Slonim (WSDA) –Slides
Retail/Farmers Markets
  • Noelle Beecroft (WSU Whatcom County)
  • Colleen Donovan (WSFMA) –Slides
  • Lauren Lubowicki (DOH FVIP) –Slides
  • Allie Moore (SNAP-Ed Statewide Retail Access) –Slides
  • Kristen Rezabek (San Juan County Health and Community Services) –Slides
School Wellness
  • Angela Shields (WSU Clark County) –Slides
  • Lori van Anrooy (WSU Spokane County) –WSB Slides –Slides
  • Tara Witten (Alliance for a Healthier Generation) –Slides
Meaningful Engagement with Communities
  • Marcy Boulet (Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department)
  • Mary Dombrowski (Northwest Harvest)
  • John Friedl (DOH HEAL)
  • Laura Plaut (Common Threads)
  • Seth Schromen-Wawrin (Public Health – Seattle & King County)
  • Katie Smith (Yakima Neighborhood Health Services)

Day 3: April 13, 2023

Your 2023 Forum Planning Group

A group of WA SNAP-Ed colleagues worked hard to plan the 2023 WA SNAP-Ed Forum. Thank you to those who volunteered to help and for your tireless effort sharing ideas on Zoom calls, contacting potential speakers, and settling all the logistics to make this year run smoothly!


Claudia Abramson, Thurston County Food Bank

Karla Anderson, WSU Whatcom County

Noelle Beecroft, WSU Whatcom County

Acacia Corylus, WSU Statewide Support

Jill Farrant, WSU Snohomish County

Eileen Grigsby, CTW

Morgan Hartline, DOH IA

Anna Kitchin, WSU King County

Linda Mathews, WSU Pierce County

Tara McGinty, DSHS

Chris Mornick, DSHS

Jen Moss, CTW

Upasana Mukherjee, WSU Grant County

Amber Noskoff, WSU Region 3 IA

Talea Price, WSU Region 3 IA

Courtney Schupp, CTW

Tori Sorenson, CTW

Lori Van Anrooy, WSU Spokane County

Cambron Walker, Kittitas County Health Department

Anna Weyrauch, WSU Clark County

Shelby Winters, DOH Evaluation


Looking Ahead to the 2024 WA SNAP-Ed Forum

The 2024 Forum is right around the corner! If you would like to serve on a planning committee for the 2024 statewide forum, please contact your IA.  Your input is welcome!