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Washington State Farmers Market Association (WSFMA)

Washington State Farmers Market Association (WSFMA)

Regional Leads Program

The WSFMA Regional Leads program goals are to build local capacity at farmers markets around food access programs, marketing, and general market operations. We seek to build community partnerships to foster capacity building, collaboration with community stakeholders, and to foster peer-peer resource sharing and education. The Regional Lead program provides support in kids programming, cooking demonstrations, vendor recruitment, incentive programs, market manager support and a food access forum to establish “peer to peer” networking that will enable markets, educators, and contractors to communicate regularly and share experiences.

Participating Markets

An interactive map has been developed to highlight information about participating markets including if they accept SNAP EBT and the WIC & Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers or if they offer an EBT incentive program (AKA “Fresh Bucks” or “Double Up Bucks”).


This section is outdated. Colleen is not sure where this map came from. The row is hidden from the public at this moment, but I left it here so we can discuss with WSFMA on how they want to change this information.

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Card

WIC and Senior FMNP – The Farmers Market Nutrition Program

The Women & Infant Children (WIC) and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs (FMNP) provide vouchers to program participants to purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs (seniors may also purchase honey) from farmers markets.

FMNP for Customers

WIC FMNP is available to low-income mothers with young children. You can use your WIC FMNP checks to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs at participating farmers markets. Please note that you cannot receive change. If you are interested in applying for WIC FMNP, call 1 (800) 841-1410 or apply for WIC FMNP online.

Senior FMNP is available to low-income seniors. You may qualify if you are 60 or older and have an annual income below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level. You can use your Senior FMNP checks to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and honey at farmers markets. Note that you cannot receive change. If you are interested in applying for Senior FMNP, please call Senior Information and Services at (206) 448-3110 or apply for Senior FMNP online.

Washington State Farmers Markets with WIC and Senior FMNP Matching Programs

Pandemic EBT

The Department of Social and Human Services received federal approval to implement a second round of P-EBT for the 2020-21 school year. New in 2021: white P-EBT cards will be mailed directly to each eligible child instead of benefits being loaded onto a family’s existing SNAP/EBT card. These cards can be used just like a SNAP/EBT card to purchase tokens at a farmers market. P-EBT cards are also eligible for SNAP Market Match, meaning that a family may swipe their SNAP/EBT card for benefits and a P-EBT card and can receive SNAP Market Match for both transactions. If you have any questions, please contact Caprice at More information can be found here:

SNAP Market Match

A new program to help make shopping at farmers markets accessible to all. Click here to learn about SNAP Market Match.

Food Access Forum

Forums are held from October through April on the third Thursday of each month from 12 to 1 pm with the goal of establishing a peer to peer network that will enable market managers, educators, and contractors to communicate regularly and share experiences. This will be an opportunity to highlight successful initiatives, problem solve, and find new ways to collaborate.

Access more info at the WSFMA page below.

Food Access Forums on the WSFMA Page Forum Archives

Additional WSFMA Resources

Rack Cards

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