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Resources for Equitable Programming

Health Equity and SNAP-Ed

Resources related to health equity and the impact it has on SNAP participants.

Cultural Resources

Resources and information on diverse cultural dietary patterns, eating behaviors, recipes, and educational materials in multiple languages.

Inclusive Nutrition Initiative

Coming Soon!

Resources for Garden Projects

Gardening Tip Sheets

This resource is a collection of gardening tip sheets on a variety of topics. Translation available in Spanish and Russian.

Harvest of the Month

Resources for SNAP-Ed providers working on Harvest of the Month in schools, early childhood education or other institutions serving SNAP eligible individuals.
A child's hands picking ripe raspberries from a bush.

Fresh from the Farm

A selection of fruit and vegetable brochures highlighting locally grown Washington State produce.
A small child holding up two apples to cover her eyes in an apple orchard.

Farm to School

A program dedicated to developing relationships between schools and agriculture producers in Washington State.

Resources for Schools

A plate of kebabs made with various fruit to make a rainbow of color.

Healthy School Celebrations

Resources to help SNAP-Ed educators encourage healthy school celebrations.
A blue bowl of granola with sliced strawberries, raisins and cashews. A glass of milk, fresh fruit and juice are by the side.

Breakfast After the Bell

Information about the how SNAP-Ed providers can help extend messaging about the importance of breakfast for health and school success.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program helps students access extra fruits and veggies. Look here for resources to work with your school district.
Elementary children sitting at a lunch table with school lunches.

Smarter Lunchrooms

Smarter Lunchrooms provides schools with the knowledge, motivation, and resources needed to build a lunchroom that makes healthy food choices easy.

Resources for Food Shopping

SNAP Market Match

SNAP Market Match helps SNAP shoppers buy additional fruits, vegetables, herbs, and plant starts at more than 100 participating farmers markets. Markets match $40 or more per day for SNAP customers.

SNAP Produce Match

SNAP Produce Match helps SNAP shoppers buy more fruits and vegetables at their local grocery store.
A shopping cart full of veggies in the produce section of the store.

Working with Food Pantries

Resources for behavioral economics in foods banks as well as information on food justice work with food banks.

Meal Planning, Shopping & Budgeting

Resources to help SNAP participants make healthy food choices on a budget.

Statewide Retail Food Access

More Info Coming Soon!

Resources for Nutrition Education

Curriculum Rubric

The curriculum rubric is a tool available for all LIAs to evaluate available WA SNAP-Ed direct education curricula and to determine which one is best for their specific programming.
Notebook and pencils on a wood table

Teaching Resources

Resources for SNAP-Ed nutrition educators to use in programming.

Other Resources

A kitchen counter loaded with fruits and a digital tablet with a smoothie recipe.


A selection of recipes that are low-cost, budget friendly and follow current USDA Dietary Guidelines.
Children in a grassy field running through hundreds of bubbles.

Physical Activity

Information about physical activity and the importance of engaging people in daily activity.
Small group learning about the nutrition facts labels.

Recruitment and Marketing

A selection of templates for SNAP-Ed Providers to adapt and customize for community programs. Logos and guidance on publication of materials can also be found here.

Support for Breast/Chest-feeding

Resources to help anyone who is breastfeeding/chestfeeding. Includes information on how to collaborate with your local WIC office.

Move Across Washington Social Media Tool Kit

This social media tool kit will help local programs provide timely, relevant, and engaging content to their communities to promote physical activity, whether they choose to implement Walk with Ease or not.

WA SNAP-Ed Weekly Updates

All the emailed Weekly Updates are contained on this page. In case you missed something, you can check back here for important due dates and other items.

Food Waste Reduction

Find resources around food waste reduction here!

If there is something you think should be included on this page, please reach out to the CTW team at