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Curriculum Training Live, Recordings, Tools, Guidance, and Process

Curriculum Training

Curriculum Fidelity

Teaching SNAP-Ed approved curriculum with fidelity is a requirement of the SNAP-Ed program. We have developed tools and trainings to help everyone deliver direct education with fidelity. We hope you will find them useful as you plan and implement SNAP-Ed programs across the state.

Our work is centered on the goals of the Snap-Ed program: to assist low income families in their understanding of healthy food choices, the importance of physical activity to their health and ultimately a reduction in obesity for the people we serve.

We look closely at the curriculum the state has selected to see how, as a program, we are following the lessons as written. We know when this is accomplished the likelihood of behavior change for the families we serve will increase.

Upcoming Live Curriculum Trainings


Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH)



CATCH – Region 5 Training – Shelton


Teen Cuisine



Teen Cuisine Training Webinar

Recorded Curriculum Trainings (Webinars)

Curriculum Fidelity and the Washington State SNAP-Ed Program

This webinar details what curriculum fidelity means to our state SNAP-Ed program and how we can all work together to make sure we are following guidance from our funder while at the same time providing direct education that is meaningful to the people we serve.

Food Safety in the Washington State SNAP-Ed Program

A webinar created to help all involved in food preparation for the Washington State SNAP-Ed program understand the responsibilities we all have in serving food to the public.

Plan, Shop, Save & Cook (PSSC)

This training webinar took place on October 4, 2017. It outlines recent changes to the curriculum and also talks about the work we are doing with Plan, Shop, Save & Cook with older youth.

Student Engagement in the SNAP-Ed Classroom

This webinar is about engaging students in the classroom. When we are able to engage SNAP-Ed participants in the learning process, their attention is focused and learning takes place.

Understanding How Adults Learn

This is a three part series of webinars about adult learning. Powerpoint presentations and presenter notes are also available.

Guidance and Process

Several documents have been created to help guide the process of Curriculum Fidelity for our program.  Please see links below for specific information. Be sure to contact us if you have questions or need additional information.


This document outlines the process for a site visit from the Curriculum Fidelity Team.


This document describes potential modifications to curriculum. We know all circumstances can not be contained in one document and encourage you to contact us with questions about challenges you may be dealing with in your program.