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Community Services Office (CSO)

Collaborate with Your Local CSO

Local CSO Offices across the state of Washington provide information and services for SNAP eligible children and families. SNAP-Ed providers can partner with CSO staff to extend programming and messages about healthy food choices, managing food budgets and physical activity. Here are examples of programming that can be done in coordination with your local CSO:

  • Set up a series of classes for Life skills clients.
  • Arrange to do a recipe demonstration in your CSO lobby using healthy foods available with EBT.
  • Help provide information on FINI dollars available in the local community.
  • Provide information about how people can use the Complete Eats program to access healthy food.
  • Provide information and resources on local Food Banks, Mobile Markets and other ways to access healthy, affordable food.
  • Provide informational posters or visuals on nutrition and physical activity.
  • Create a SNAP-Ed bulletin board that rotates monthly with nutrition information.
  • Provide information about Fresh Bucks in local Farmers Markets.
  • Provide information about Senior Farmer’s Market Vouchers.
  • Post recruitment flyers or announcements about local SNAP-Ed classes.
  • Collaborate with CSO staff and provide information about opportunities for physical activity in the community
  •  Share recipes that can be linked to local food bank choices.

View the Power Point presentation created to share with CSO staff at their statewide meeting:

Talea Price poses with a young boy while serving food from the cooking demo table.
WSU Skagit County Extension SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator Talea Price enjoys an afternoon doing cooking demonstration with DSHS participating families.
A table display with posters, pamphlets, and brochures on a table with a smiling plush orange and fruit and vegetable helium balloons.
WSU Extension SNAP-Ed took over the Skagit County DSHS lobby in November 2018, displaying information about programs and resources available to DSHS clients.

Find Your Local CSO

An interactive map has been developed to help people locate a CSO. Browse the directory and see what services your local CSO offers to SNAP eligible clients.  Partnerships and collaboration with your CSO can help SNAP-Ed participants lead healthier lives.