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Food Smarts for Waste Reduction

Food Smarts for Waste Reduction

Introduction to the Curriculum

Food Smarts Waste Reduction is a “three-session workshop series that builds cooking and nutrition skills while reducing household food waste.” (Leah’s Pantry). It can be used as a supplement to the Food Smarts Adults curriculum or on its own.

The Washington State SNAP-Ed program has approved the use of Food Smarts Waste Reduction, for adults starting with FFY2024. We ask that all educators using the curriculum attend a training.

Instructor guides support the participant workbooks. Once you are trained, you will have access to the online materials. You can either access the instructor materials in the Food Smarts Adults Instructor Guide or as a separate document. Each local provider will need to obtain your own instructor guide and participant workbooks.

You can get these in several ways:

  • Links to download and print Food Smarts materials are provided once you complete the official training.
  • You may purchase the Food Smarts materials from Leah’s Pantry.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Trainings

Live + Self-Paced

Leah’s Pantry offers trainings for this curriculum at different times throughout the year. The training will included both self-paced work and a live portion. You must attend both before administering this curriculum. Check out the Training Calendar on the Leah’s Pantry site to see when the next training is.

Lesson Assessment Tools (Coming Soon!)

3 Week, 90 Minute Series

  • Lesson 1 (.pdf)
  • Lesson 2 (.pdf)
  • Lesson 3 (.pdf)

Curriculum Ordering

Lessons & Handouts

  • Instructor Guide is available from Leah’s Pantry.
  • Additionally, the Waste Reduction lessons are on pages 72-84 of the most updated Food Smarts Adults curriculum.


  • Adult Workbooks available from Leah’s Pantry in English, Spanish, and Chinese

Order Curriculum

Leah’s Pantry has contracted with a printer to produce the curriculum at a very reasonable cost.

Materials can be ordered from the Leah’s Pantry store. Please allow at least three weeks for delivery when placing orders through Leah’s Pantry.

If you need materials more quickly you may place an order through Amazon, with the understanding that pricing is a bit higher to account for quicker availability and shipping.