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Evaluation Snapshots, Tools, Trainings, and Resources


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FFY 2022 Evaluation Guidance Documents Available Now

Now that FFY 2022 has officially started, the evaluation team has added updated guidance documents and some new evaluation tools. Updated training videos will be added throughout October, so check back often.  Welcome FFY 2022!
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Latest Statewide SNAPshot

FFY 2021 Annual SNAPshot:

  • 1,383 Youth and 334 Adults participated in 94 Direct Education Programs; 286 PSE activities reached 382,974 individuals

  • 37% of youth participants ate more fruit daily

  • 32% of youth participants ate more vegetables daily

  • SNAP-Ed partnered with 541 diverse agencies throughout the state: 
    • Schools
    • Food banks and food pantries
    • Agricultural organizations & farmers markets
    • Low income housing
    • Food stores

Download the FFY 2021 Annual Statewide SNAPshot Download the FFY 2021 Mid-Year Statewide SNAPshot (.pdf)

Congressional District SNAPshots

Click the link below to view FFY 2021 Congressional District SNAPshots:

FFY 2021 Congressional District SNAPshots

Regional SNAPshots

Click the links below to download FFY 2021 Regional SNAPshots

Map of Washington State with five regions denoted
Region 1 (.pdf) Region 2 (.pdf) Region 3 (.pdf) Region 4 (.pdf) Region 5 (.pdf)

Guidance Documents

Training Videos & Links

Hand holding phone playing YouTube videoThe Washington SNAP-Ed Statewide Evaluation team created training videos for most topics in the SNAP-Ed Evaluation guidance, including each evaluation tool and PEARS module.

Evaluation tool trainings cover evaluation background, proctoring instructions, and common participant questions.

PEARS module trainings cover why we use each module, and walk you through how to enter activities step by step.


Educators who proctor surveys must watch the training video.

General Evaluation Training Videos

PSE Evaluation Training Videos

  • PSE Evaluation Toolkit

Links and handout packets to the individual workshops listed below in the On-Line and Recorded Training section of the SNAP-Ed Training page:

Workshop 1: The New PSE Evaluation Toolkit

Workshop 2: Building Your Networks and Coalitions

Workshop 3: Changing Organizational Practices

Workshop 4: Influencing Policy and Legislation

Live Evaluation Trainings

To sign up for future trainings, please visit the SNAP-Ed Training page.

PEARS Training: Direct Education and Indirect Activities
PEARS Training: Partnerships, Coalition, and the PRA Tool

Direct Education Survey Training Videos

PEARS Training Videos

Pre/Post Surveys

Eat Well and Move Surveys should be printed double-sided and in color. SNAP Happy Surveys should be printed single-sided and in color. Demographic Cards should be printed double-sided and in black and white.

Links to online surveys can be found in the Direct Education Survey Guidance.

Contact the Evaluation Team