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Grilling and Broiling

Grilling and Broiling

About grilling and broiling

Grilling and broiling are ways that you can cook food by searing it. When you grill, the heat source comes from the bottom. When you broil the heat source is on the top. Grilling and broiling give food a flavorful crusty texture on the outside while keeping it moist and tender on the inside

  • Grilling: Cooking over an open flame. Food is placed on a pre-heated metal grate or grill and direct or indirect dry heat comes from below the food at temperatures of over 400°F.
  • Broiling: Done in the oven. The food is placed on a pre-heated broiler pan or baking sheet and placed two to six inches under the heat source. Like grilling, the temperatures are hot; over 400°F.


There are 3 kinds of grills:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Charcoal

Once you have a grill, there is little extra you will need for grilling. You will need a food thermometer to use with meat. The thermometer will make sure your meat is cooked until it is safe to eat. Many grills come with a thermometer.

One of the best things about broiling is you don’t need special equipment. All that you need is an oven with a broil setting and a baking sheet.

Tips for successful grilling and broiling

Grilling and broiling may be scary if you have not done it before. Follow these tips and you will be surprised at how easy and delicious these cooking methods can be.

  • Make sure grill racks or broiling pan are clean. Coat them with vegetable oil or spray to keep foods from sticking.
  • Heat grill or broiler pan for 10-15 minutes before adding food. This way the food will be seared and not steamed or baked.
  • Leave 3⁄4 inch between food items for even cooking.
  • It is best to turn or “flip” the food only once during cooking to sear food.
  • All pieces of food may not cook at the same rate. To avoid overcooking, remove the cooked pieces as they finish and keep them warm while remaining foods cook.
  • Use a dry spice rub for flavor; add any sticky sauces just before serving or pass the sauce around the table. If you use sauces on food during cooking the food may burn.

Benefits of grilling

Most people only think of grilling in the summer. But you can grill any time of year. Although more charcoal or heat is needed during the winter, grilling can be done outside in any season.

You can enjoy the following benefits of grilling year-round:

  • In summer it keeps your kitchen cool!
  • You do not need electricity.
  • Grilling can be a healthy way to cook because fats fall away from the cooked foods.
  • You can reduce energy costs by cooking outside on the grill.
  • Some foods can be cooked faster than in an oven.
  • Grilling vegetables makes them sweet and delicious.

Benefits of broiling

Besides being a quick and easy, here are some other benefits of broiling:

  • You don’t need special equipment, just your oven.
  • It is a healthy way to cook. Use a broiling pan so that fats fall away from the food.
  • It can be done any time of year.
  • Broiling gives a unique taste to vegetables and fruits.

Best foods to grill or broil

You can grill and broil many of your favorite foods. Most people grill or broil burgers, steaks, and chicken. Here are some other great choices that can be grilled/broiled.

  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • pizza
  • fish