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Get Up and Play!

Get Up and Play!

It’s time to play!

Play is a great way to add activity to your life. Plus, it’s fun! As long as you’re moving you’re getting the benefits of being active. Also, people tend to get their heart beating faster and work their muscles more when they are doing an activity they enjoy. So play and go have fun!

Key ideas

  • Play get’s your body moving.
  • Enjoying an activity will make you more likely to do it.
  • With so many different ways to play, everyone can join!
  • Playing is usually easy and fun.
  • Everyone likes to play!

Tips for kids & families

Move Your Way: Families-English

Move Your Way: Families-Spanish

Tips for getting active as a family-English

Tips for getting active as a family-Spanish

Brain breaks & active games for family fun-English

Ideas for adults

Move Your Way: Adults-English

Move Your Way: Adults-Spanish

Activity planner

Ideas for older adults

Try these exercises-English

Try these exercises-Spanish

Benefits of physical activity-English

Benefits of physical activity-Spanish