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Plan Menus

Plan Menus

Plan to be healthy

Planning your menu before you shop will help you:

  • Have the food you need to make healthy meals for your family.
  • Have more time! Menu planning means you spend 30 minutes or less per week figuring out what to eat. That is a big time savings.
  • Save money.  When you plan ahead you avoid last minute fast food meals or eating in a restaurant.
  • Waste less food. Plan ahead to use what you have at home before it goes bad.

When the plan is in place and you have all the ingredients you need to create a fast, healthy meal, you may find you really like to cook!

More ideas

  • Use the same basic menu every two-four weeks.  Some people call this a cycle menu. They are great for families with picky eaters.
  • Try theme nights. For example: Taco Tuesday, Soupy Saturdays, or Breakfast for Dinner each Wednesday.

Follow the links below for more ways to save time in the kitchen:

Plan your menu

Menu planning is one of the best ways to save money on your food budget. It may sound hard, but after you do it once or twice, you will find it is easy. In fact, you will wonder how you ever got along without doing it.

Follow these 4 steps when you are menu planning:

  1. Check for foods you have at home. Look for foods that need to be used in your refrigerator or cupboard. By using these foods first, they won’t go to waste, and you will save money.
  2. Check for sales, coupons and store specials. Save money by using items that are less expensive as a base for your meal.  Plan your weekly menu around foods on sale.
  3. Write down the foods you need to complete the meal. Try to plan your meals and snacks using the food groups on MyPlate.
  4. Write your shopping list of the foods you need to buy. Be sure to include the amount needed for each food item.