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Eating with the Kids

Eating with the Kids

Get kids cooking

When children learn about making good choices they can grow up to be healthier adults. Most of what kids learn about healthy eating comes from watching what their parents eat. Cooking and eating fun meals together is a great way to help kids learn.

These tips can help you learn about ways to help kids feel good about cooking healthy meals:

Meal planning

Here are a few resources you can print and use with your child:

Picky eaters

Many kids are picky when it comes to food.  It can be hard on parents but it is natural for kids to not eat foods that are new to them. There are ways you can help your child:

Things to do that can help

  • Teach your child to eat just until full
  • Enjoy food together!
  • Get excited about finding new types of food to try
  • Eat foods that are healthy but also taste good to you

Things to avoid

  • Eating everything on your plate whether or not you are hungry
  • Guilt or negative feelings about eating certain foods
  • Eating because you are upset, angry or stressed out
  • Restricting certain foods or dieting
  • Fear of trying new things

It is the parent’s job to make sure there are healthy foods to eat. It is the child’s job to decide which foods to eat and how much.

Parent’s job

  • Select and buy food
  • Make meals
  • Set time for meals and snacks
  • Give your child food in a form they can handle
  • Create a low pressure, stress free time for family meals
  • Help children take part in family meals
  • Be consistent

Child’s job

  • Decide how much they eat
  • Decide whether or not they eat

Mealtimes and snacks should be a low stress time for both parents and children. If you take the time to create a low-pressure place where you can enjoy your child’s company and worry less about how much they eat, they will end up being healthier, less picky, and have a better relationship with food and with you!

Resources and kid friendly recipes

Here are some resources and kid friendly recipes: